July 27, 2021

You can tell a lot about a person by what others have to say about them. Read what people have to say about Gary.


"I wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much positive impact you have had on my organization, Monster.com. The seminars, book reports and general business knowledge and advice have served our management team well. I can honestly say that your coaching and interaction with our management team has elevated our game and made up more competetive in the marketplace. Of all the seminars our management team has participated in, the "Top Ten Messages from Ten Top Books" was by far and away the single most impactful seminar our management team has ever been a part of. It has been months since that seminar and our management team still references lessons learned during that truly unique learning session. Gary, as the person who organized out company retreat, you made me look like a hero and for that I'm grateful. Please have anyone who is considering you as a speaker or business consultant contact me personally. I would love to share my experiences with them.
Adam Hunt - Regional Sales Manager - Monster.com

"Gary Tomlinson continually amazes me with his energy, vision and positive impact on those interacting with him. As a speaker in my classes at NC State University and Elon University for the past 21 years, he has motivated and inspired countless students. The lessons learned by these from Gary are mentioned to me years later as I speak with alumni. Gary’s business acumen, professional style and innovation distinguish him as a leader in his field. I have frequent contact with legions of entrepreneurs and consider Gary Tomlinson to be rare in his positive personality, genuine concern for pursuit of knowledge, and excellent leadership skills exhibited in his ventures.
Gary Palin - Executive Director of the Doherty Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership - Elon University

“Gary spoke to my Introduction to Entrepereneurship class at Elon University on the topic of strategy execution management. As anyone who's ever started a company or tried to teach entrepreuneurship knows, execution is one of the hardest skills to implement, let alone teach.  In fact, it is not covered in any of the popular textbooks on the subject and the resources available on the web are woefully inadequate.  Gary's presentation was engaging, even for 19-21 year-olds.  He delivered highly relevant content in a way that was easy to understand.  His use of real-world examples made the key points applicable rather than theortetical.  Gary gave my students concrete steps that they could use to plan and execute, not just in their future careers, but now in their on-campus organzations and other activities. What Gary shared with my classes was exceptionally valuable."
Laura Zavelson - Entrepreneur in Residence - Love School of Business - Elon University

"Gary Tomlinson is a very gifted speaker and presenter. He is an entrepreneur that is driven to share his wealth of knowledge about how to be successful in business with others. Dancing Elephants Acheivement Group was fortunate to have Gary agree to be a speaker for our March Final Friday Forum. For us this was a special invitation because every since last year when he first presented to the Forum we have been receiving numerous requests for his return. Gary is not only a talented presenter but a wonderful story teller that commands the attention of any audience. But perhaps even more importantly, Gary is one of the nicest and most humble people I have ever had the pleasure to meet."
Tim Moore - Principal & Owner - Dancing Elephants Achievement Group

“Gary exhibits great passion for the business owner and high energy in helping executives become successful in their endeavors. During the past year, Gary has delivered three separate presentations to the North Carolina Executive Roundtables' monthly lunch meetings. Each time our members were actively engaged in the discussion on the leadership topic. His actions demonstrate a heart for caring about you as an individual as well as your business challenge. This foundation encourages trust as he listens to you. You understand that Gary is not judging, but encouraging you to share more in-depth thoughts about the issue that has frozen you from taking the action needed. Gary's strength is guiding senior leadership teams to become better at execution and accountability."
James Chambers - President, Director and Founding Member - North Carolina Executive Roundtable

"I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the "Art of Telling" when Gary shared his presentation with my entrepreneurship students at Elon Univeersity. Gary's approach is unique and entertaining. He shares practical advice that can be applied in a multitude of communication scenarios: one-on-one, public speaking to audiences large and small, networking, sales, etc. I highly recommend Gary and the "Art of Telling.""
Julie Swanner - Adjunct Professor - Elon University

"On November 29th, right after lunch (normally nap time), Gary made his presentation to our top sales force and sales management. It was excellent. Just what I wanted to break the tedium of an all day meeting.One of the senior Regional Managers said, “I have been selling for many years, but I honestly enjoyed this hour immensely and would like to have had more of this.” Gary did an excellent job, was very professional and impressed all of our attendees. Based on what Gary did in just an hour, I would certainly recommend that other companies consider his coaching and motivating skills and the fine products he has to offer."
Kenneth W. Sinick – Sales Manager - ELECTROSWITCH

“As a speaker, Gary Tomlinson is very captivating and informative. With his energetic delivery, he educates you on making a positive impact with his 'Art of Telling.' Gary walks you through the importance of effective speaking skills using real-life stories and real-life solutions. If you haven't had a chance to hear him speak, you are missing a speaking genius at work! I highly recommend Gary for any audience."
Jane Mehringer - Associate Director of Career Services - Love School of Business - Elon University

"Thank you so much for your presentation of "Art of Telling" at the Raleigh Association of Insurance Professionals' meeting in January. Your presentation was recommended by a friend and member who said your seminars were terrific - and we were not disappointed! Your presentation was truly more than we could have ever expected. The material you covered was on point, the visuals were apropos and you kept the whole group invovled."
Beth Crouch Blackwell - AAI, CPIW Program Chair - Raleigh Association of Insurance Professionals

“After attending the seminar on May 21st, I wanted to express my appreciation for the time and effort you put into the presentation.Attending your class enabled me to look at my story and the message I want to convey as the important issues when speaking in front of a group.The comment you made during the morning that “your advocation and your vocation should be one in the same” really hit home. I wanted to acknowledge that part of the presentation because it had much meaning for me and will help me continue to reemphasize the importance of being connected to your work and your passion.”
LeAnn H. McCraw – Human Resources Manager – Chimney Rock Park

“Your subject material is so important and timely. I was extremely pleased and appreciative of your presentation.  It was very well received by the students.I truly believe that the class became more attentive after hearing from you.I thank you for your leadership and your help in preparing these students for the future.”
William King – Associate Professor – NC State University

“Hearing Gary Tomlinson's 'Art of Telling' in our ROTC lab was incredibly beneficial experience. His presentation encouraged me to consider how to best communicate my thoughts and how it will be received. Mr. Tomlinson was both engaging and knowledgeable as a speaker and I feel there is much to be gained in his techniques. It was truly a fantasitc presentation that I would recommend to everyone"
Anna Reinhart - Naval ROTC Battalion - Duke University

“Mr. Tomlinson presented to my ROTC Unit. Immediatley following him, I was scheduled to speak.  Some of the things he emphasized - such as being passionate about your topic, using relevant humor and being comfortable with silence - made an immediate impact in my presentation. I believe the information Mr. Tomlinson has to share is beneficial t literally everyone."
Travis Adam - Naval ROTC Battalion - NC State University

“Thank you for spending three days with my Entrepreneur Skills class this semester. I have learned so much from you this year. You have a wonderful ability to put concepts into quotable theory. Some of my favorites are as follows:
           “People rise to the occasion when it is their occasion.”
           “Leadership is a function not a position.”
           "If you can’t teach and can’t motivate – you can’t lead.”
I really like your thoughts on leadership. I used your ideas and your quotes in a team presentation I did on leadership for another class. I wanted you to know that I learned a lot from you. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and time with us.”
Emily Birkemeier – Student – NC State University

“Gary Tomlinson is a passionate social entrepreneur.  He lives what he teaches and enjoys sharing his gifts with others.  I have been blessed to have received personal instruction from Mr. Tomlinson. The lessons and strategies he instilled in me have been life-changing. I am forever greatful for his leadership and wisdom."
Bob Winstead - Founder - Adopt a School

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