July 27, 2021

Gary's Favorites to Recommend...


Sara Tomlinson of am3 adsource

Since 1999, Sara has been a brand consultant in the branded merchandise industry. Her strong retail background enables her to offer project solutions, meet deadlines and remain a valuable resource for her clients, of which I'm one. Sara is my wife, but that's not why she is listed on this page. She's listed here because she's earned it. To learn more click on the am3 adsource logo. You can engage Sara at sara@am3adsource.com or (919) 848-0378. 


Bill Anderson of BA Web Services 

Bill Anderson created my website. He has taught me how to be self-sufficient and capable of maintaining my own website. And when I need help or more tutoring he is always available. Bill is someone I highly recommend. He is easy to work with and his pricing is quite affordable. To learn more click on the BA Web Services logo. You can engage Bill at bill@bawebservices.com.


Moving Speakers from Good to Great! 

Born Toastmasters is the Toastmasters club I belong to. It's an advanced club formed as a result of executives, authors and professional speakers needing local access to best practices, peer evaluation and constructive critiques to take their speaking talent to the next level. I invite you to see if our format is right for you. To learn more click on the Born Toastmasters logo.


Powerful - Persuasive Speaking!

I've attended Alan Hoffler's workshop and I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about improving their speaking skills. It is an interactive, hands-on workshop to implement and practice the skills needed to face a public audience to deliver clear, concise and compelling messages. Whether you're new to public speaking or a seasoned professional, his classes are powerful and persuasive. To learn more click on the MillsWyck logo to the left. You can engage Alan at alan.hoffler@millswyck.com.


 More Recommendations Coming Soon!


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