July 27, 2021
Book Reviews

  By Gary Tomlinson

I've been an avid reader of business books for over 25 years. I first started writing book reviews (synopsis) in the fall of 2004 for Business Leader Magazine. In May of 2007 I began writing a monthly book review for Women's Edge magazine. In April 2009 I began writing a book review series for Carolina Business Connection. I hope you enjoy the reviews and that they inspire you to get a copy of the book. The Book Reviews are in descending order from the latest to the earliest publishing.

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Humanity at Work (CBC)
by Sandy Costa
 The On-Purpose Business Person (CBC)
by Kevin W. McCarthy

 Gateways to Inclusion Video (CBC)
by Sondra Thiederman

Decisive (CBC)
 by Chip Heath & Dan Heath
The Diversity & Inclusion Handbook (CBC)
by Sondra Thiederman
Power Questions (CBC)
by Andrew Sobel & Jerold Panas
Take the Stairs (CBC)
by Rory Vaden
Chilean Mine Rescue: The Unstoppable Team (CBC)
by Advanced Knowledge, Inc
The Executive Guide to Strategic Planning (CBC)
by Below, Morrisey & Acomb

Seven Provocations (CBC)
by Miles Kierson

 Front Runners (CBC)
by Mahesh Rao

Generational Selling Tactics That Work (CBC)
by Cam Marston

Stratgic Speed (CBC)
by Davis, Frechette, Jr., Boswell

Listen to the Dinosaur (CBC)
by David M. Fellman
The Power of Stratetic Commitment (CBC)
by Leibner, Mader & Weiss

Linking Into Sales (CBC)
by Martin Brossman & Greg Hyer

 On My Honor, I Will (CBC)
by Randy Pennington

Switch (CBC)
by Chip Heath & Dan Heath

The Ecology of Conversation (CBC)
by Judith Beck

 Results Rule! (CBC)
by Randy Pennington
 Sales Machine Land Mines (CBC)
by Marty Clarke
Ouch! Your Silence Hurts (CBC)
by Leslie Aguilar
The Golden Rules for Managers (CBC)
by Frank McNair

How the Mighty Fall (CBC)
by Jim Collins

Execution Revolution (CBC)
by Gary Harpst
 The E-Myth Manager (CBC)
by Michael E Gerber
 Good to Great (CBC)
by Jim Collins
The World is Flat (CBC)
by Thomas Friedman
The Resilient Spirit
by Eileen McDargh
Straight Talk for Success
by Bud Bilanich
Trust is Everything
by Aneil Mishra & Karen Mishra
by Eric Harvey
Welcome the Rain
by Michellle Sedas
Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts
by Leslie C. Aguilar
Can't Catch Me Coyote
by Neil A. Rock & John S. Sproviero
Gifts from the Mountain
by Eileen McDargh
Get Ahead by Going Abroad
by C. Perry Yeatman & Stacie Nevadomski Berdan
The Law of Attraction
by Connie Dominio
The Leadership Secret of Gregory Goose
by Judith E. Glaser
Mojo Mom
by Amy Tiemann
 Women Don't Ask
by Linda Babcock & Sara Laschever
35 Tips for Students to Succeed in Corporate America
by Sharon A. Hill
 Strictly Businesss - Body Language
by Jan Latiolais-Hargrave
Made to Stick
by Chip Heath & Dan Heath
 Speed of Trust
by Stephen M.R. Covey
Play Like a Man Win Like a Woman
by Gail Evans
The Woman's Advantage
by Mary Cantando
 Marketing to Women
by Marti Barletta
by Malcolm Gladwell
 How to Lead From a Distance
by Debra A. Dinnocenzo
Never Eat Alone
by Keith Ferrazzi
 Leading Change
by John P. Kotter
The World is Flat
by Thomas L. Friedman
The Ugly Truth About Small Business
by Ruth King
Leadership Land Mines
by Marty Clarke
Six Disciplines for Excellence
by Gary Harpst
 Wooden - A Lifetime of Reflections On & Off the Court
by Wooden & Jamison
How You Make the Sale
by Frank McNair
 The Manager's Communication Handbook
by Cottrell & Harvey
Leading With Authenticity In Times of Transition
by Bunker & Wakefield
It's Your Ship
by Captain D. Michael Abrashoff
 Motivating the...Workforce
by Cam Marston
QBQ - The Question Behind the Question
by John Miller
The Million Dollar Toolbox
by Ty Boyd
Your Successful Sales Career
by Brian Azar
Good to Great
by Jim Collins
How Full Is Your Bucket
by Tom Rath & Donald Clifton
How to Win Customers & Keep Them for Life
by Michael LeBoeuf
The E-Myth Revisited
by Michael E. Gerber
The People Principle
by Ron Willingham
The Little Engine Than Could
by Watty Piper
How to Become a Marketing Superstar
by Jeffrey J. Fox
Introductory Article to Book Reviews
by Gary Tomlinson
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